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Q. Can The Remapping Process Be Reversed ?

Yes We Always Keep A Copy Of The Original File And Your Remapped File So If You Ever Sold Your Vehicle And Wanted It Putting Back To Standard Then We Would Do This Free Of Charge.

Q. Why Was My Vehicle Not Given This Extra Power From The Factory?

When Cars Are Produced On A Massive Scale The Manufacturer Adopts A One Ecu Map Fits All Policy.This One Map Doesnt Really Consider The Many Different Factors Needed To Be Taken Into Consideration For The Different Export Countries Climate,Fuel Quality Or Emissions.Meaning Until You Get Your Ecu Remapped It Is Never Fully Optimised.

Q.Should I Inform My Insurance Company After Having My Car Remapped?

As A Responsible Company We Would Say Yes But It Is Totally Up To You.Even Though Our Software Is Undetectable Any Modification You Make To Your Car Should Be Declared To Your Insurance Company Though Most Insurance Companies Only Charge A Small Extra Premium For Having Your Car Remapped.

Q.How Much Does This Service Cost To Do And How Long Does It Take?

Prices Start From As Little As £160 And The Service Takes Around 90 Minutes From Start To Finish.

Q.Whats The Difference Between A Remap And A Tuning Box?

Some Of These Tuning Boxes Available On The Internet Simply Contain Nothing More Than A Resistor Which In Turn Only End Up Adjusting The Fuel Pressure And Simply Cant Be Compared To A full Custom Remap.A Full Remap Adjusts And Optimises Many Data Files Within Your Engine Control Unit (Ecu).


Q. Will A Remap Reduce My Engines Life Expectancy?

Having Your Car Properly Remapped Will Not Cause Any More Wear On Your Engine As We Will Only Tune Your Engine To Within Safe Limits.We Will Not Compromise On Safety By Over Tuning Your Car Thus Putting Extra Strain On Your Engine Or Gearbox And Drivetrain.

Q. What About My Fuel Consumption?

Having A Power Remap Or Economy Remap Will Transform Your Car.If You Continue To Drive Your Car In The Manner You Did Before The Remap You Will Find Your Economy Will Improve.Most Of Our Customers Even After Having A Power Remap Installed Have Reported Back To Us Saying They Have Recorded Up To An Extra 15% Improvement in Fuel Economy.

Q. Will I Need To Upgrade My Chassis Or Brakes After A Remap?

No on 95% of vehicles, you don't need to upgrade the chassis or brakes after the re-mapping.

Q. Can The Re-map Be Detected By Dealer Servicing?

No Your Car Dealer Cannot Determine A Software Modification With His Equipment Since Our Software Is Designed To Be Invisible To All Engine Diagnostic Equipment.This Is Why We Only Use Custom Remapping As We Modify Your Own Ecu Using The Original Software And Hardware Numbers.Some So Called Tuners Will Use Cheap Generic Files Used On Another Vehicle Leaving You With A Different Hardware And Software Number And Even Chassis Number Stored Which Would Be Traceable.

Q.Do You Offer A Mobile Service And What Cars Can Be Remapped?

We Are Able To Remap Most Cars And Vans Including All Newer Vehicles Fitted With The Edc 17 Tri Core Ecu.Check Out Our Vehicle Coverage Page.Our Mobile Service Covers The Whole Of The North West Including Manchester,Leeds And Liverpool.

Our Mobile Installation Service Covers All The Following Areas Including -

Altrincham - Accrington - Ashton - Bolton - Bramhall - Bury - Buxton - Burnley - Bredbury - Barnsley - Bradford - Bootle - Cheadle Chorley - Chorlton - Cheadle Heath - Cheadle Hulme - Cheshire - Chester - Crewe - Congleton - Didsbury - Derbyshire - Dukinfield Edgeley - Eccles - Fallowfield - Gatley - Glossop - High Peak - Hyde - Hazel Grove - Knutsford - Leeds - Liverpool - Leigh - Lancashire Lymn - Levenshulme - Macclesfield - Manchester - New Mills - Northwich - Offerton - Oldham - Preston - Prestwich - Poynton Rochdale - Reddish - Romiley - Stockport - Stoke On Trent - Sale - Sheffield - Swinton - St Helens - Salford - Tameside - Trafford Urmston - Wythenshawe - Winsford - Wakefield - Whitefield - Whalley Bridge - Wales - Wigan - Warrington - Wilmslow.

Postcodes Of The Areas Covered By Our Mobile Installation Team -

BB , BD , BL , CH , CW , FY , L , LA , LS , M , OL , PR , SK , ST , S , WA , WN.

Please Contact Us If You Require An Installation Outside Of Our Areas.

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